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Meet Computer Science alumna  Anar Simpson, winner of the 2015 Distinguished Alumna Award
The ACPC is an opportunity for university and college students in Alberta to excel in a programming competition!

Presented by: Catalin Dohotaru
Fri. Oct 9th at 11:00am at ICT 618B

Presented by: Dept. of Computer Science
Fri. Oct 9th at 12:00pm at ICT 516: All CPSC undergrads are welcome!

Presented by: Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad
Tue. Oct 13th at 12:00pm at ICT 618B

Presented by: Hossein Talebi
Fri. Oct 16th at 12:00pm at ICT 618B

Presented by: Trevor Textor
Thu. Oct 22nd at 6:00pm at Bio Sciences Building, Room 587