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Workshop will give an introduction to 3D printing on Feb. 11, from 3-4:00 pm in Math Sciences 142
Keynote Speaker Dr. Tom McLaughlin presents free talk "Immersive virtual reality in training, simulation and gaming"

Presented by: Dr. Lora Oehlberg
Thu. Feb 11th at 3:00pm at MS 142 (workshop is free and open to all Computer Science undergraduate and graduate students)

Presented by: Various Speakers
Wed. Feb 17th at 8:00am at the Taylor Family Digital Library

Presented by: Dr. Tom McLaughlin (Keynote Speaker of the Simulations, Training and Digital Game Technology Symposium)
Wed. Feb 17th at 8:45am at the Taylor Family Digital Library Gallery Hall

Presented by: Coverty - organized by PSC and in partnership with CSUS
Sat. Mar 12th at 10:00am at ICT 121 and Math Sciences