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Computer Science Education Week - December 5-11, 2010

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Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an international event designated by the U.S. House of Representatives to recognize the transformative role of computing and the need to bolster computer science at all educational levels.  The development of CSEdWeek is a joint effort led by ACM with the cooperation and deep involvement of the Computer Science Teachers Association, the Computing Research Association, the National Center for Women & Information Technology, the Anita Borg Institute, the National Science Foundation, Google Inc., Intel, and Microsoft.  More background information about this can be found at

So far, we have 23 Canadian universities participating in this event.  You may find more information about the Canadian version of CSEdWeek at:

As part of the CSEdWeek celebration at U of C, our department offers the following events to high school students and teachers. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact me either via email or phone (403-220-6785).  We look forward to your requests.

1. A Speaker's Bureau campaign:

The mission of our Speaker's Bureau is to engage our department in the high school computer science curricula development and to share our knowledge and exciting experience in computer science with high school students. Our faculty and staff members can deliver talks either in your classroom or on the U of C campus.  If you are interested in bringing a computer scientist to your school during the week of Dec 6, please visit our Speaker's Bureau page at: and send your preferred Speaker's name and preferred date and time to

Currently, the following talks will be taking place during CSEdWeek:

On Dec 7, 2010 Jeff Boyd will give a talk on "Group Interaction for Art Installations" to Lester B. Pearson High School.
Address: 3020 52nd Street NE, Calgary, AB  T1Y 5P4
Contact Teacher: Josh Prowse
Phone: (403) 280-6565

On Dec 8, 2010 Jeff Boyd will give a talk on "Group Interaction for Art Installations" to Bishop O'Byrne High School.
Address: 3500, 333 Shawville Blvd. SE, Calgary, AB, T2Y 4H3
Contact Teacher: Laurie Odnokon-Warren
Phone: (403) 500-2103

On Dec 10, 2010 John Aycock will give a talk on "Computer security" to Bishop O'Byrne High School.
Address: 3500, 333 Shawville Blvd. SE, Calgary, AB, T2Y 4H3
Contact Teacher: Laurie Odnokon-Warren
Phone: (403) 500-2103


2.  A tour in the LINDSAY Demonstration Lab:

LINDSAY — Virtual Human: Bringing Virtual Anatomy and Physiology to Life

The Evolutionary & Swarm Design Laboratory is currently developing LINDSAY—Virtual Human, a 3-dimensional, interactive model of male and female anatomy and physiology to be used for medical education. One key characteristic of LINDSAY is the integration of computational models across scales to simulate physiological processes from the body level to the level of organs, tissues, cells, and sub-cellular structures. LINDSAY is a collaborative project between the Faculties of Medicine, Computer Science, and Education. LINDSAY is currently being integrated with distributed virtual learning environments such as Second Life (

For in-classroom use we have developed LINDSAY Presenter, a visualization and exploration environment that presents different scenarios within the simulated human body (such as the immune system, respiration, kidney function, etc). In order to create complex scenes for presentation and investigation, we have developed LINDSAY Composer, a highly graphical programming environment, which facilities the composition of complex educational scenarios around the human body.

More information about LINDSAY can be found at its dedicated web site: .

Book an appointment ( to come by our LINDSAY Demonstration Lab to see our Virtual Human in action.

SCHEDULED TOUR:  On December 8, Dr. Christian Jacob will be hosting a LINDSAY lab tour from 9:30 to 10:30am as part of the CSEdWeek celebration.

3. The Computer Science Chapter of the U of C Alumni Association & the Computer Science Undergrad Society present an entrepreneurship event:

"Starting Your Own High-Tech Company: Notes from the Trenches"

A Presentation & Discussion with Roy Masrani (MSc’85)
President & CEO, codeExcellence
CEO & Founder, RADSS Technology

Learn about the high-tech startup world from Roy Masrani (MSc ’85) as he talks about founding, building, and then selling RADSS technologies, a Calgary-based company that developed software to track and optimize transportation systems. RADSS helped companies such as Lafarge improve the efficiency of its cement shipping operations and its 800-plus rail cars used throughout Canada and the USA. RADSS technologies used AI techniques to track railcar utilization, monitor movements, eliminate bottlenecks, and better manage product flow – resulting in massive cost-savings for their clients. RADSS was acquired by IntelliTrans in 2003.

Roy is currently CEO & President of codeExcellence, a company that develops tools and procedures to improve application code quality. Organizations are highly vulnerable to the business risks associated with poor quality software. The majority of ERP implementations are completed late and over budget, and are prone to operational interruptions. codeExcellence provides tools and resources to address quality assurance issues early in the software development lifecycle.

Roy will talk about what he learned at his first start-up - RADSS - and how he is applying those lessons to his latest venture at codeExcellence.

When:  Monday, December 6, 2010
Where:   Cassio Room, MacEwan Hall Conference Centre, University of Calgary
Cost: Free
Time:  6:30pm – Beer served
7:00pm – Presentation and Q&A
8:00pm – More beer, left-over pizza, and discussions

Click here to register.

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