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Concentration Information

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Concentration in Human-Computer Interactions

You may focus your BSc Program on Human-Computer Interactions by including a specific set of courses into your degree. Successful completion will mean that 'Concentration in Human-Computer Interactions' will appear on your transcript.

Concentration Description

Computer Graphics and Information Visualization stress how we can represent information, model objects and processes, and craft their effective and beautiful visuals - animated and static, realistic and abstract.

Human Computer Interaction focuses on how both groups and individuals can interact with those visuals, how we can understand what people really need, and how we can make sure our software is actually usable.

Overview of Concentration Requirements

To complete a concentration in Human-Computer Interactions, there are some restrictions on the option courses that you can choose in your degree program. Consult the University of Calgary calendar to find the exact list of courses you are required to take to complete. A recommended program sequence that will satisfy your BSc program and concentration can be found here.