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Undergrad Printing

Submitted by admin on Tue, 07/10/2007 - 10:58.

All undergrad laser printers are located just outside of the CPSC Tech Support Help Desk which is located in MS 151 on the 1st floor of the Math Sciences building.

New undergrad accounts are credited with 25 pages of printing. Once the initial printing allotment has been exhausted students must purchase additional pages from the CPSC main office in ICT 602. The cost for printing is currently $0.10/page and a minimum purchase of 50 pages is required.

Users must go to the printer area and log into one of the release stations in order to explicitly release or delete their print job(s). All jobs will now be queued to one printer, called "ugl". Once released, jobs will be sent to any one of four printers for processing.

Please note the following:

  • Jobs queued to ugl and not released for printing within 6 hours will be removed from the queue
  • Text files are automatically printed 2-up, duplex. If you want to override this formatting, then you must convert your text file to a PostScript document prior to printing. This is done by running enscript  "file" or "a2ps file". Consult the man pages for more advanced options.
  • Duplex (double-sided) jobs save paper but still count as 2 pages against your quota. This is because consumables (print engine, fuser, drum kit and toner) are still used and maintaining them represents a greater cost than the paper being saved
  • Banner pages are enabled by default and count as 1 page against your quota. To disable banner pages, create a file in your unix home directory called ".nowinbanner"

Printing Examples for Unix users:

To print a file to ugl, use lpr:

> lpr

To list your printer information and quota, use lpinfo:

> lpinfo

user can print to:
ugl UG Release Queue
user has printed 10 of 100 pages

To print duplex (double-sided), use the -D option.

> lpr -D

To remove the banner page for a specific job, use the -h option:

> lpr -h

To permanently disable banners when printing from both UNIX and Windows machines, create a file in your home directory called ".nowinbanner":

> touch .nowinbanner

Printer out of paper? Paper jam? Queue stalled? Visit one of the Technical Support Staff in MS 151 for help or submit a trouble ticket via an Online Service Request.