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New CPSC undergrad accounts are available from Math Sciences 151. A valid UCID card must be presented and a User Agreement signed in order to receive an account.  In the case of visitors, the sponsoring faculty member must also sign the agreement. Individuals found in violation of the user agreement risk account suspension or removal.

Visitor Accounts

To have an account created for a visiting researcher or student, faculty members must contact Tech Support with the following information:

  • Name of visitor
  • Name of sponsoring faculty member
  • Date of arrival
  • Length of stay (if known)
  • UCID# of visitor or IT username

IT runs our email services. In order to synchronize IT usernames on the CPSC system, we require the UCID number of the visitor. Alternatively, if the UCID number is unknown or pending, the visitor and sponsoring faculty member may visit the UCIT Support Centre on the 7th floor of Math Sciences. There, IT will create an account using birthdate and other information. The username of this account is what we need in the absense of a UCID number.

Windows PC Accounts

All faculty, researchers and graduate students are entitled to a Windows PC account. Undergrads must be registered in specific CPSC courses to be granted Windows access. To generate a Windows account, run the "passwd" command from any unix server or workstation. If you choose a password that is 8 characters, then both your Unix (U:) and Windows (W:) drives will be auto-mounted when logging into the PC Domain.

UCIT Accounts

The University's Information Technologies group provides general computing accounts for all members of the University community. For online account registration, go to

UCIT accounts and services are administered separately from the Department of Computer Science. For help with your IT account or for other technical needs not provided by the Department, visit the UCIT Support Centre, Math Sciences 7th floor, or call 220-5555.