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Computer Science & Software Engineering Courses

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The following list provides links to all Computer Science (CPSC) and Software Engineering (SENG) courses offered by the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science.

Note: While every attempt is made to keep this list up to date, the University of Calgary's Course List & Schedule of Classes and Calender are the definitive lists of courses available and course information.

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering also offers Software Engineering (SENG) courses, these can also be found in the afforementioned Calendar and Schedule of classes.

Note: Graduate Students can view and register for courses online at MyUofC.

Courses offered in FALL 2016/WINTER 2017 Sessions

  • Click on the course number (ie: e.g. CPSC 617) to view the course information.
  • Click one of the following to view available courses for a specific semester: Fall 2016  Winter 2017 
  • SENG Students: There are some SENG courses offered through the Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.
  • 600 Level Graduate Courses F 2016 W 2017 Instructor Category Area
    CPSC 601.28 Creative Programming for Digital Media X S. Khalili Araghi Applications Security
    CPSC 601.40 Foundations of Access Control X P. Fong Applications Security
    CPSC 601.63 Visualization of Scientific Data X U. Alim Applications Computer Graphics/HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 601.86 Computer Haptics X S. Chan Applications Computer Graphics and HCI
    CPSC 565/607 Biological Computation X C. Jacob Systems Bioinformatics and Biological Computations
    CPSC 567/609 Multi-Agent Systems X J. Denzinger Systems Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
    CPSC 511/611 Complexity Theory X W. Eberly Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 617 Category Theory for Computer Science X R. Cockett Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 519/619 Quantum Computation X P. Hoyer Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 622 Randomized Algorithms X P. Woelfel Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 525/625 Principles of Computer Security X Staff Applications Security
    CPSC 526/626 Network Systems Security X M. Locasto Systems Security
    CPSC 530/630 Information Theory and Security X R. Safavi-Naeini Theory Security
    CPSC 635 Image Analysis and Computer Vision X J. Boyd Applications Computer Vision and Image Processing
    CPSC 571/671 Database Management Systems X R. Alhajj Systems Database
    CPSC 683 Information Visualization: Theory and Practice X S. Carpendale Applications HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 587/687 Computer Animation X P. Prusinkiewicz Applications Computer Graphics/HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 589/689 Modelling for Computer Graphics X F. Samavati Applications Computer Graphics
    CPSC 591/691 Rendering X M. Costa Sousa Theory N/A
    CPSC 695 Data Management in Geographical Information Systems X M. Gavrilova Applications HCI and Visualization/Scientific Computing
    CPSC 697 Biometric Security X M. Gavrilova Applications N/A
    CPSC 699 Research Methodology In CPSC (full year course) X X M. Gavrilova N/A N/A
    CPSC 701.21 Advanced Topics in HRI X E. Sharlin Applications Computer Graphics/HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 771 Current Trends In Database Technology X R. Alhajj Applications Database
    SENG 607.08 Analytical Software Project Management X G. Ruhe Systems Software Engineering
    SENG 641 Software Evolution and Reuse X R. Walker Systems Software Engineering