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Computer Science & Software Engineering Courses

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The following list provides links to all Computer Science (CPSC) and Software Engineering (SENG) courses offered by the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science. While every attempt is made to keep this list up to date the University of Calgary's Calender and Schedule of Classes are the definitive list of courses available.

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering also offers Software Engineering (SENG) courses, these can also be found in the afforementioned Calendar and Schedule of classes.

Students can register for courses online at MyUofC.

Courses offered in FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 Sessions

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  • SENG Students: There are some SENG courses offered through the Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.
  • 600 Level Graduate Courses F 2013 W 2014 Instructor Category Area
    CPSC 601.04 Procedural Modeling in Computer Graphics X P. Prusinkiewicz Applications Computer Graphics
    CPSC 601.10 Developing Analytics Applications X F. Maurer Applications Analytics
    CPSC 601.11 Creative Mobile Applications X J. Boyd Applications N/A
    CPSC 601.13 Computational Tech. for Graphics & Visualization X F. Samavati Theory Computer Graphics
    CPSC 601.15 Visual Analytics in Reservoir Simulation X M. Costa Sousa Applications Computer Graphics/HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 601.19 Advanced Algorithms X P. Woelfel Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 601.21 Distributed Computing through Combinatorial Topology X P. Woelfel N/A N/A
    CPSC 601.25 Collaborative Computing and Personal Informatics X A. Tang Applications HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 601.29 Information Systems Security Analysis X M. Locasto Applications Security
    CPSC 601.36 Applications of Computer Tech. for Non-CompSci X J. Boyd Applications N/A
    CPSC 601.38 Networking Systems X M. Wang Systems Networks and Systems
    CPSC 601.40 Foundations of Access Control X P. Fong Applications Security
    CPSC 601.48 Foundations of Modern Cryptography X P. Mohassel Theory Security
    CPSC 601.63 Visualization of Scientific Data X U. Alim Applications Computer Graphics/HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 601.72 Foundation & Applications of Search & Recommendation Techniques X J. Rokne
    R. Elhajj
    Applications N/A
    CPSC 565/607 Biological Computation X C. Jacob Systems Bioinformatics and Biological Computations
    CPSC 567/609 Multi-Agent Systems X J. Denzinger Systems Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
    CPSC 511/611 Complexity Theory X W. Eberly Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 617 Category Theory for Computer Science X R. Cockett Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 519/619 Quantum Computation X P. Hoyer Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 526/626 Network Systems Security X P. Fong Systems Security
    CPSC 527/627 Computer Viruses And Malware X J. Aycock Systems Security
    CPSC 629 Elliptic Curves & Cryptography X M. Jacobson Theory Security
    CPSC 530/630 Information Theoretic Security X R. Safavi-Naini Theory Security
    CPSC 535/635 Image Analysis and Computer Vision X J. Boyd Applications Computer Vision and Image Processing
    CPSC 561/661 Algorithms for Distributed Computation X P. Woelfel Theory Theory and Foundations
    CPSC 568/662 Agent Communications X R. Kremer Systems Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
    CPSC 669 Cryptography X R. Scheidler Theory Security
    CPSC 571/671 Database Management Systems X R. Alhajj Systems Database
    CPSC 681 Research Method. In Human-Computer Interaction X S. Greenberg Applications Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
    CPSC 683 Information Visualization: Theory and Practice X S. Carpendale Applications HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 589/689 Modelling for Computer Graphics X F. Samavati Applications Computer Graphics
    CPSC 591/691 Rendering X M. Costa Sousa Theory N/A
    CPSC 699 Research Methodology In CPSC (full year course) X X M. Gavrilova N/A N/A
    CPSC 701.21 Advanced Topics In HRI X E. Sharlin Applications HCI and Visualization
    CPSC 771 Current Trends In Database Technology X R. Alhajj Applications Database
    SENG 607.11 Empirical Methods in Software Engineering Research X J. Sillito Systems Software Engineering
    SENG 515/615 Agile Software Engineering X C. Anslow Systems Software Engineering
    SENG 622 Software Release Planning X G. Ruhe Systems Software Engineering
    SENG 641 Software Evolution & Reuse X R. Walker Systems Software Engineering