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Department of Computer Science
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2N 1N4

Main Office
Information Communication
Technology Building
Room 602
phone: (403)220-6015
fax: (403)284-4707
Department Head

Dr. Carey Williamson
office: ICT 602
phone: (403)220-5454

Research and Planning Committee
(Committee Members)

Graduate Affairs Committee
(Committee Members)

Undergraduate Affairs Committee
(Committee Members)

Admissions Committee
(Committee Members)

Departmental Awards Committee
(Committee Members)
Associate Heads

Dr. Wayne Eberly
Undergraduate Affairs
office: ICT 613
phone: (403)220-5073

Dr. Faramarz Samavati
Graduate Affairs
office: MS 630
phone: (403)210-9454

Dr. Marina Gavrilova
Research and Planning
office: ICT 709
phone: (403)220-5105
Assistant Heads

Dr. Christian Jacob
Prospective Graduate Students
office: ICT 750
phone: (403)220-7682

Dr. Robert J. Walker
Existing Graduate Students
office: ICT 546
phone: (403)210-9593
Other Administrative Faculty

Jonathan Sillito
Software Engineering Program Director
office: ICT 553
phone: (403)220-7711

Dr. Peter Hoyer
Departmental Awards Committee Chair
office: ICT 653
phone: (403)210-9468